Insurance Services

Here are the insurance-related services we offer as of April, 2013:

  • Organization specific risk analysis
  • Insurance risk assessments and/or audit
  • Create and facilitate interaction of carrier claims and risk management services
  • Develop insurance design and specifications
  • Provide independent review, oversight and audit of insurance and risk related matters
  • Identify gaps and overlaps, assess pricing fairness, and guide improvements to current program as needed
  • Streamline insurance application completion, insurance program management, and organizational process development
  • Perform Annual Stewardship Review to assess and report on plan performance
  • Identify and support efforts to reduce dependency on insurance
  • When requested, assist current insurance broker with insurance design and negotiations with carriers
  • Supply opinion letters to stakeholders (Board, Bond or lender covenants)
  • Provide independent opinion and advice on integrity (soundness) of risk financing program and strategies to Boards and related committees
  • Assist with contract review and negotiations on insurance requirements
  • Provide educational sessions on insurance and risk management
  • Coordinate captive planning and assure independent relationships
  • Assist all departments seeking risk and insurance advice
  • Conduct The Risk Opportunity Analysis™ (ROA) workshop – This workshop involves key leaders in identifying and prioritizing an organization’s greatest dangers, opportunities and strengths around insurance, and risk.