The Risk Integrity Process™


Risk is unique in the business of healthcare.

Because most traditional definitions of business risk do not address a healthcare organization’s unique situation, we’ve developed The Risk Integrity Program™ (TRIP).

Driven by our unmatched focus on healthcare, TRIP enables you to discover new opportunities to control costs without compromising the integrity of your enterprise.


An exceptional opportunity

We have proven that when risk is properly identified, thoroughly analyzed and professionally managed, it becomes an asset you can leverage to:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your risk prevention and claims management systems;
  • Reduce dependency on insurance;
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Risk equation (TCOR)
  • Create a safer work place;
  • Nurture a culture of patient safety;
  • Gain greater control of resource allocation;
  • Access more alternatives for managing risk;
  • Spend more time on major strategic issues;
  • Confidently and proactively manage the ever-changing healthcare environment;
  • Transform risk management into a strategic asset, not a cost center, and;
  • Closely align risk management strategies with your business success.

Getting Started

Convert Risk to Opportunity

We do not assume we know how we can help your organization until we fully understand your current situation (where you are today), and your most important goals (where you want to be in the future).

That means we need to get to know you a little better before either of us can decide if it makes sense to go further.

We are always available for an informal conversation. Click here or call 1.888.665.1539 to contact one of our senior advisors.

We also offer a three-step, highly valuable – and complimentary – discovery process that enables us to produce a Navigating Complexity Blueprint for your organization.


The first step is to arrange for a 60-minute Alignment Interview that can be completed in person or over the telephone. The next step is to have each member of your decision-making team complete and submit a Starter Kit prior to participating in the Discovery Workshop. We then use the information we gather from the Starter Kits and Discovery Workshop to create and present a Navigating Complexity Blueprint that is specific to your organization.

What happens next is up to you. To keep things simple, our only goal is to give you the information, clarity and confidence you need to make the best possible decision.

Click here and a senior HealthSure advisor will contact you within one business day to discuss the discovery process.

We make sure your insurance does what you need, 100% of the time.