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Headlines Volume 47

TORCH Insurance Program Celebrates 15th Anniversary     Join us at the TORCH Conference Wednesday, April 12th at…Read more

Headlines Volume 46

Avoiding Cyber Insurance Claim Denials   New Features We're Excited About   Understanding "Quiet Quitting" Trend   Avoiding…Read more

Headlines Volume 45

How Rural Hospitals are Winning the War on Employee Retention   Uvalde Memorial Hospital Wins TORCH Light Award…Read more

Headlines Volume 44

Workers’ Compensation in the (never ending?) COVID Era   Supreme Court Reinstates Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers…Read more

Headlines Volume 43

Need a Simple Remedy for Cyber Security Burnout?   CHIC Keeps Laying Golden Eggs   Direct Contracts Improve…Read more

Headlines Volume 42

TRUE GRIT ISSUE   The Economics of Perseverance   Georgia “Lone Ranger” Finds Friends in Texas   2021…Read more