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between you and The TORCH Insurance Program.

Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals now have better choices when it comes to purchasing insurance. TORCH has created buying power for its vast membership base, and now there are programs that exist offering better coverage and better pricing than ever before.

The TORCH Insurance Program is managed by HealthSure and was created by TORCH members for TORCH members.

It makes the complex job of protecting and improving the financial health of your hospital simple.

Participation in the TORCH Insurance Program delivers:

  • Leveraged buying power
  • Greater choice and flexibility in terms and conditions
  • A single point of contact for all insurance products, services and programs
  • A dedicated, personalized, hands-on approach
  • Over 30 years of unmatched focus on hospital issues and opportunities

Now is the best time for you to explore everything TORCH and the TORCH Insurance Program has to offer.


  • Over 70 TORCH hospitals participate
  • Since 2007, participation has increased by 57%, the number of policies has increased by 360%, and the total buying power has quadrupled!
  • All TORCH members have access to world-class strategies, tools and resources for reducing risk, eliminating gaps or overlaps, and getting more for every insurance dollar they spend


  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Coverage
  • Workers Comp
  • Employee Benefits
  • Physician Liability Coverage
  • And much more!

Email or call a TORCH Insurance Program manager (888) 665-1539

TORCH Health Insurance Alliance

The TORCH Health Insurance Alliance (THIA) has been created to help TORCH hospitals contain expenses and receive more value for every dollar spent on employee healthcare.

By leveraging TORCH’s size, THIA is has a significant impact on both the cost and the quality of the healthcare TORCH members receive.

For more information – click here.

HOTCOMP - Hospitals of Texas Workers' Comp Safety Group

Volume Discounts for Workers’ Comp Insurance.

For many hospitals and other healthcare facilities, the Hospitals of Texas (HOTComp) safety group provides by far the most cost-effective workers’ comp insurance coverage available. With our purchasing power, you can join with other facilities to save money on your premiums while getting more from your coverage.

Our program is underwritten through Texas Mutual Insurance Company, Texas’ leading provider of workers’ comp insurance. Click here for more information

TORCH Physicians Protection Program

TORCH and HealthSure are proud to offer TORCH member hospitals a special, value added program and unique recruiting tools: the TORCH Physicians Protection Program (TPPP).  This program provides a significant discount for your physicians on Medical Professional Liability Insurance from The Doctor’s company the nation’s largest medical malpractice company and provider of individual physician disability products customized by specialty.

The TPPP includes medical liability insurance, disability insurance, risk management programs, discounted services from medical related companies and expanded medical defense coverage for Medicare/Medicaid billing and code investigations, RAC and ZPIC audits, and more!

Call 1.888.665.1539 or send us an e-mail for more information.

healthcare is our only business.

As the largest Texas risk consulting and insurance agency focused solely on the healthcare industry, we help over 250 healthcare organizations optimize the performance of their health insurance plans while successfully navigating an increasingly complex financial, regulatory and political environment.

We make sure your insurance does what you need, 100% of the time.

Getting started is as simple

For more information on any TORCH Insurance Program, call 1.888.665.1539 or send us an e-mail to contact one of our senior advisors.

Or, to keep things really simple, call our president, Brant Couch, at (512) 292-3315