• we help  HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS PROSPER IN THE increasingly complex world of risk and insurance.
  • Who We Help

    Our unmatched focus on healthcare sets us apart.
    We are the only Texas risk consulting and insurance agency focused solely on the healthcare industry.

    Over 250 Texas healthcare organizations rely on us to prevent surprises, protect all their assets, and make sure their opportunity to prosper is unimpeded by risk.

    Our clients include community hospitals (private and non-profit), hospital governing boards, physician groups, long-term care facilities, specialty healthcare providers, and medical technology companies.

  • What We Do

    We help healthcare organizations prosper in the increasingly complex world of healthcare risk and insurance. It is our job to make sure our clients:

    • Control and reduce costs
    • Stay ahead of ever-changing laws and regulations
    • Always have someone to turn to for help
  • How We Do It

    We keep things simple:

    • We make sure your insurance does what you need… 100% of the time
    • We respond to every question and request for help within on business day

    An unmatched focus on healthcare means we know the industry better than anyone else. Through our service models and consultative methods, we seek to know your business better than anyone else.

  • Why We Do It

    We believe unmanaged complexity kills an organization’s:

    • Effectiveness
    • Efficiency
    • Vision
    • Culture
    • Profit

    We believe simplicity is the cure.