Join a rural hospital specific medical stop-loss program, delivering exceptional cost control and significant dividends (~ $4.25 million in 3 years).
Limited participation opportunities available.


Discover how RHIA serves the national rural hospital community by: 

  • Leveraging buying power
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Resource sharing.

Membership opportunities now available.

Join 70+ Texas Rural Hospitals to start:

  • Leveraging buying power
  • Sharing experience and wisdom
  • Transforming risk into an asset

Membership opportunities now available.

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HealthSure looks at the whole picture… from prevention to incident resolution.
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Take advantage of strength in numbers!

Members of the New Mexico Rural Hospital Network now have better choices than ever before when it comes to managing their risk and insurance.


Relax knowing you’re covered by our systematic risk management approach, specifically created for rural hospitals.

  • Prevent losses
  • Control costs
  • Minimize your property insurance spend.

Leverage the purchasing power of the Hospitals of Texas Workers’ Comp Safety Group.

  • By far the most cost-effective workers’ comp insurance coverage available
  • Save money on premiums
  • Get more value from your coverage.

Consolidate your equipment maintenance into one simple contract and easily save 10 – 25% every year!


Take the Community Hospital Insurance Coalition (CHIC) for example. With our expert support and management, more than 30 rural hospitals who have come together to own this medical stop-loss reinsurance company. They are paying less for their insurance, improving benefits program performance, and receiving their share of a significant annual surplus cash distribution (~$2.5 million since inception in 2018).