Exceptional Projects Consulting

Available on a limited basis from the HealthSure leadership team.

Our senior advisors bring simplicity and order to what is quite often a complex, dysfunctional or chaotic situation.

When it is time to address change, a modern, high-impact, low-stress combination of simplicity and accountability along with meaningful, attainable goal setting can be the best solution.  Our consulting services can help you manage the future with strategic execution and results accountability.

Find out how we can help you:

  • Manage the future with strategic execution and results
  • Coordinate and enhance management’s impact
  • Empower governing leaders to achieve the
    vision and goals of the organization
  • Educate and nurture board members to see beyond status quo
  • Build consensus among board and managers
  • Assure the long-term financial viability
“Methods used in the past may not be sufficient to get you where you need to go in the future.” 

Contact Barry Couch at 512.366.3739 or click here to email him.

Take the Community Hospital Insurance Coalition (CHIC) for example. With our expert support and management, more than 30 rural hospitals who have come together to own this medical stop-loss reinsurance company. They are paying less for their insurance, improving benefits program performance, and receiving their share of a significant annual surplus cash distribution (~$2.5 million since inception in 2018).