Unmatched Focus

HealthSure is a risk consulting and insurance agency focused solely on the rural healthcare community.

No competitor focuses 100% on rural healthcare. Our insight fuels a passion for finding ways to deliver service and value that others won’t and can’t.

Our Purpose

Because we believe people living in rural communities deserve the best possible health care, our purpose is to ensure the people, services, and facilities they depend upon are protected from risk and empowered to thrive.

Our motto, “Never Go It Alone”, describes our commitment to encouraging and facilitating collaboration among rural healthcare leaders who share our purpose.

Core Values

Corporate Responsibility

Beyond giving back to the communities we serve and live in, HealthSure has championed a program called HealthConnect.

Created by our founder Barry Couch in collaboration with TORCH president and CEO, John Henderson, its mission is to ensure hospital leaders have the means to initiate, nurture and sustain the strongest possible connection with their communities.

HealthSure actively supports

Corporate Milestones

  • 1998 Founded by Barry Couch
  • 2004 Brant Couch joins HealthSure
  • 2008 HealthSure assumes management of the TORCH Insurance Program
  • 2011 New Mexico Rural Hospital Network partners with HealthSure
  • 2015 HealthSure creates Equipment Maintenance Alternatives (eMCA) – a simple, highly effective way to save thousands of dollars year after year
  • 2016 In collaboration with The National Rural Health Association, HealthSure creates a national risk and insurance management program called Rural Hospital Insurance of America (RHIA)
  • 2018 The Community Hospital Insurance Coalition (CHIC) is created by HealthSure

Take the Community Hospital Insurance Coalition (CHIC) for example. With our expert support and management, more than 30 rural hospitals who have come together to own this medical stop-loss reinsurance company. They are paying less for their insurance, improving benefits program performance, and receiving their share of a significant annual surplus cash distribution (~$2.5 million since inception in 2018).