Beautifully designed cyber solutions for a dangerous world

HealthSure looks at the whole picture… from prevention to incident resolution.

Our 360° approach, gives you access to a comprehensive set of services, products and solutions, which are beautifully combined to protect your hospital from the dangerous world of cyber risks.

A Cyber Security Check Up

For a quick preparedness assessment ask yourself these questions.
  • Do you require two-factor authentication for all remote access to your network?
  • Do you have a secure data backup solution in the event of a ransomware attack?
  • Do use the right email spam filter?
  • Do you fight malware with behavior-based antivirus software?
    • Do you have a dedicated cybersecurity insurance policy?
    • Do you have the right limits and coverage for your hospital?
    • Is your coverage coordinated to maximize limits and minimize deductibles?
    • Do you have a breach response plan?
    • Does your breach response plan integrate services available through cyber carrier?
    • Have you selected your preferred attorney and notified your cyber carrier?

    A cyber breach isn’t always a disaster.
    Mishandling it is.

    CHIC Logo

    Take the Community Hospital Insurance Coalition (CHIC) for example. With our expert support and management, more than 30 rural hospitals who have come together to own this medical stop-loss reinsurance company. They are paying less for their insurance, improving benefits program performance, and receiving their share of a significant annual surplus cash distribution (~$2.5 million since inception in 2018).