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Never Go It Alone: COVID – 19 Update HealthSure is here to Serve You
By Brant Couch, CIC, CPA

We are now well into the global COVID – 19 pandemic. The news is often grim, but we also see our communities coming together to support each other in so many ways. At HealthSure we are honored to be serving our healthcare providers. You are on the front lines of this pandemic. Struggling to fight COVID – 19 and adjust to the economic reality of “non – essential” medical needs being put on hold.

At HealthSure our promise to you is: Never Go It Alone. Now that statement is more important than ever. Please reach out to your Account Executives, Account Mangers, Risk Advisors or me. We are here as members of your team. Throughout the last few weeks we have been working for you to find solutions for issues during these unique times.

We often work with our clients for solutions that go beyond insurance. We encourage you to continue using us as a resource. Even if your question is about a policy that HealthSure does not work on, we will review it and work to find solutions to help you adjust to meet the needs of our new realities. We always want to do everything we can to assist our healthcare community.

One of our core values is Serve with a Servants Heart. We are proud to be able to serve you in any way we can. The HealthSure Team will continue to fight for you in our home offices. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the work that you are doing for our communities, and how much we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

With gratitude,
Brant Couch





8 Ways to Ensure Your Cyber Insurance Works
It helps to know what the insurance industry is worried about
By Brant Couch, CIC, CPA

When it comes to managing cyber risk, we are all still relatively new at the game… including the companies you count on to pay your cyber claims.
As the frequency, severity, breadth and depth of cyber-attacks and data-breach incidents continues to rise, the insurance industry is being warned to watch what it promises to clients.

In a report titled “Insurance 2020 & beyond: Reaping the dividends of cyber resilience,” a team of consultants at PwC evaluated why is there so much skepticism over cyber insurance among insurers.
Their answers can be boiled down to these reasons:

  • Cyber risk isn’t like any other risk they have ever had to underwrite
  • There is limited available data on the scale and financial impact of attacks
  • The difficulties are heightened by the speed with which the threats are evolving and proliferating

Of course, the PwC team’s primary concern is to help their clients – insurance companies – take profitable advantage of a rapidly growing insurance market. But in doing so, they warned them against:

  • Staying on the sidelines too long and missing an opportunity estimated to reach $7.5 billion in paid premiums by the end of 2020
  • Jumping in and amassing excessive concentrations of cyber risk without taking into account their ability to withstand a fast sequence of high loss events
  • Ignoring the considerable cyber exposures that already exist within their technology, errors & omissions, general liability, and other more traditional business lines
    So, what does this mean to rural and community hospital decision makers and their boards?
    Overall, what it means is your cyber insurance may not always do what you think it should. Like the insurance carriers, the more you are aware that cyber risk is far more fluid, volatile and complex than traditional forms of risk, the better off you will be.
    The PwC team offers eight ways for insurers, reinsurers and brokers to make cyber insurance more sustainable while enjoying profitable growth. In the spirit of one of our greatest passions, helping our clients beat big insurance at their own game, let’s explore the implications of their recommendations for you and your hospital.

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    Where to from here?
    For hospital leaders and their boards, the starting point (if you haven’t already taken it) is to take the lead in evaluating and tackling cyber risk within your hospital. I believe the soundest advice is to create a multi-disciplinary cyber risk management team, rather than simply seeing it as a matter for IT or compliance.
    If you wish to discuss any of the ideas and strategies discussed in this article, please contact us.





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